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On the anniversary of her twin sister's death, Laurel returns to Ireland in search of answers. Using her sister, Honor's, journal she finds references to a 'doorway', 'roly-poly man,' and a 'mission.' But what mission? Honor believed in the world of Faerie, something the cynical Laurel does not.

In the urban fantasy book, THE SUMMER KING, the reader follows cynical Laurel as she begins a quest to find the Summer King and save Faerie. All the while she harbors her own dream--to save her sister.

I found this book interesting and I loved the way author O.R. Melling describes the world of Faerie. You feel as if you are there. Rich and alive, you can almost feel the shock Laurel has when she realizes that Honor was right--Faerie does exist. The Gaelic language is vivid and though at times it did take me out of the story, I felt it was realistic. I mean, who hasn't heard the Irish tales of fairies? My own grandmother used to tell me these tales when I was young.

Check out the author's website at www.ormelling.com The next book in The Chronicles of Faerie, will be THE LIGHT-BEARER'S DAUGHTER.
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