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Urban fantasy treat

Lately, there's been alot of talk about urban fantasies. Rachel Vater loves them. Melissa Marr is coming out with one next year. WICKED LOVELY. (I can't wait to read it!)

So imagine my delight to find an urban fantasy. MAGIC OR MADNESS by Justine Larbalestier is book one of a trilogy. Reason Cansino lived the past fifteen years of her life with her mother Sarafina in the Australian outback, away from her witch grandmother Esmeralda. But when her mother suffers a nervous breakdown, she is sent to the very house she's feared the most--Esmeralda's. Reason's mother has told her horror stories about her grandmother and that magic doesn't exist.

Esmeralda is nothing what Reason has expected. But one day she opens a door and finds herself in New York City. And realizes that magic is real. But not only that, but she's magic as well.

I loved this book! I especially loved how the author shows that using and abusing magic comes with a price. A very heavy price at that. Reason meets others in New York City who seem to know more about her ability than she does. Jay-Tee, another girl who befriends Reason with ultimate motives of her own. And a strange man who reveals a secret that changes everything.

MAGIC LESSONS is book two. This story continues with Esmeralda helping Reason, Jay-Tee, and Tom, a boy next door with his own gift of magic. Reason once more finds herself in New York City but with a presence after her. Is this presence evil or good? Reason finds help from the brother of Jay-Tee, while she struggles to not fall prey to the curse of her family.

I enjoyed this book too but not as much as book one. What happens to Reason toward the end of the book I found hard to believe but hope the author will tie up the loose ends in book three MAGIC'S CHILD that comes out next year.

Check out the author's website at http://www.justinelarbalestier.com

One surprising thing I found is that the author is the wife of Scott Westerfeld, one of my favorite authors. I'm glad I found out about this series. If this a taste of an urban fantasy, I want more!!
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