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The hot summer is bringing out the worst in New York City. Rats have taken over Brooklyn, a strange black substance is oozing from the fire hydrant and faucets. A bizarre epidemic is turning people into cannibals.

And still some people want to concentrate on something important: their band.

Pearl, the rich kid in charge, tries to get some people together to make one fawesome band. Moz, meets Pearl on the streets after one woman goes crazy and throws everything out of her apartment window, including a 1975 Stratocaster. Min, is locked away in her house in Brooklyn where Luz treats her 'illness.' Alana Kay is the drummer who Moz finds on the street playing paint cans. And finally, Zahler, is the guitar player who's asked to switch to bass.

All is fine until Min shows up. Insect-like, her strange music releases a monster none have seen until now.

Fast moving, intense, and highly entertaining this novel will have you wondering what will happen to this group of teens.

This is the sequel to PEEPS. At first I had a hard time following the plotline then the real magic of Scott Westerfeld came. I loved his descriptions of the illness that infected Min and then Moz. Symptoms include being horny and the intense desire for raw meat. Some of his lines of the power Min held over Moz are classic.

Now I want to run out and buy PEEPS. If you're a fan of Westerfeld this book will not disappoint. Get prepared for a fawesome time.
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