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Apr. 19th, 2012

1. Just finished reading CAT GIRL'S DAY OFF by Kimberly Pauley

This is one hilarious romp through the world of Nat, who just happens to have the ability to understand cats. Loved this story!

YA Books Central review coming soon!

2. Been crazy, busy scoring for a National scoring company. Doing this to earn money for my writing projects. Still deciding whether or not to join RWA. My YA fantasy NO GODDESSES ALLOWED just pushed forward and now won't come out till Fall or Christmas. That was one big reason I wanted to join. Another is that Nationals will be here in Anaheim. But it's very $$$. It cost $185 to just join RWA plus the conference is another $500! Oh, and I heard there is a YA chapter that is another $55.

Sigh. I might just renew membership to SCBWI and get my pages ready in time for Editor's Day in October. Or apply for a grant from #YALITCHAT.

Decisions, decisions.

3. Reading WANTED by Heidi Ayarbe.

I love Heidi's edgier stories. One of my favorites had to be last year's COMPULSION about a football player with OCD. This one has a half Mexican American girl who just happens to be a bookie in Nevada. Let's just say Heidi's writing isn't disappointing. Raw, gripping and very intense.

4. Plus teen that did my CROSSED OUT trailer is going to do one for EARRINGS! Yay! I'm trying to make the wording punchier and shorter.

My Lupe:


5. Meeting by phone next Monday to go over plotting on my sekrit project with the fab Joyce Sweeney! Yay!

**And ohmigosh, that kiss! Finally:

Seriously, when Elena ran into Damon's arms and kissed, I yelled out, "Finally!" Then of course her brother Jeremy had to interrupt. But still, thank you Vampire Diaries for showing what is in the books and what fans want to see. Not another Bella moment but rather these two coming together!

**Guilty pleasure:

Today we're going to Disneyland. We decided to do the 'big' vacation every other year. This year we broke down and purchased season passes.