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Secret Science Alliance

Julian is a science genius in training. He's also considered well, a nerd. He hopes that will change when he gets to attend a new Middle school.

He really tries to fit in. Then he gets a message that leads him to finding others kind of like him. Add a scientist who's full of himself and some other teens who love to invent.

This is a fun tale of kids that love to invent. The illustrations are bright and fun too. I really enjoyed this story. Julian's mind kind of reminded me of my own eight-year-old's. Asking questions about everything and also trying to make his own projects. The other friends he mets challenge his own stereotypes on what it means to be well, a scientist in training.

This is sure to be a hit with elementary age kids.

THE SECRET SCIENCE ALLIANCE AND THE COPYCAT CROOK by Eleanor Davis is a Cybil's nominated book.