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TENNYSON by Lesley M. Blume

Eleven-year-old Tennyson Fontaine and her younger sister Hattie are sent to live at Aigredoux, an old plantation, after their mother deserts the family during the Depression. While at Aigredoux, Tennyson has dreams of what the old plantation was like before the war. She sets out to write these stories and hopes to get the Sophisticate magazine to publish them in order for her mother to come back home.

I really enjoyed this story. The idea of an old Southern plantation revealing it's secrets to a young girl is fascinating. Blume's descriptions of the South are lush and rich. One of my favorites is her definition of Aigredoux:
...It sounded like a kind of candy. Something that would come in a cardboard box with bright colors on it, maybe a rainbow. Something that would melt on your tongue and stain it bright pink...

I especially liked Tennyson and her desire to write the truth even when her Aunt Henriette still clings to the past.

A must read for those who enjoy historicals that deal with the South.

TENNYSON is a Cybil nominated book. The opinions expressed here are my own, and do
not represent the opinion of the Cybils panel as a whole.


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