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Blame it on the curse!

Addy McMahon's life goes from bad to worse. The only thing that keeps her going is her autobiograstrip--a journal in comic book format. That is until a mistake costs her best friend Jackie.

Oh, why did her great-grandad chop down that fairy tree near Latoon, Ireland? That's when all the bad luck started.

She can prove she's cursed--her mom's annoying boyfriend moves into the guest room, and she's spotted buying a training bra by the meanest and most popular girl at school. As if sixth grade isn't bad enough!

How can Addy break the curse and win back Jackie's friendship? Oh, and it would be great for the Dweeb to move out too.

I LOVED this book! The whole premise of a sixth grader writing her diary in a comic book format is unique. I love how the author wove in bits and pieces of the autobiograstrip in the story. The voice is fresh and exciting. I didn't want this story to end. Is there a sequel in the works? I'd love to see the future adventures of Addy. I know readers will too. This is sure to be a winner!

Oh, an added treat is in the back on the process it took for this book to be completed. From June 15, 1999 when the author had the idea until now. She shows those who helped her along the way. This is all done in graphic book format. Both fellow writers and readers will enjoy this glimpse into the whole writing process.
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