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April 3rd, 2014

Friday Five

Sorry, I haven't been here lately! Will try to cross post more!

**To start off, last weekend ended with a rattle and jolt. Friday night around 9ish I felt a huge jolt and rumble in my house. Yes, earthquake! The only damage so far had to be our cockatiel Jenny breaking her feathers. Blood was everywhere. One fact most don't know: if a bird's blood feather is broken? It can bleed out and die.

She's okay but it always freaks me out big time when this happens!

1. Fun to talk to Mary Hering, son's theater and yearbook teacher. She's reading NO MORE GODDESSES and says it's fun. I'm being interviewed for the school's paper. Fun to hear teens asking to read my book!

2. Heard that there is a big chance that Star Crossed on CW might be canceled. I have one word for that:


Seriously this show is so much better than The Vampire Diaries this season. I have one word for that show:


This season's TVD is just one repeat storyline after another. You know it's bad when you laugh during a so-called 'sad' scene. And they renewed it for next year!

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out Star-Crossed. It's similar to the YA book ALIENATED and the 2000s ROSWELL the TV series.


3. Also really enjoying The 100 on CW. Think Lord of Flies meets Sci-Fi. Highly recommend reading the book which is basically the first episode:

4. Reading:

I'm a HUGE fan of author Wendy Higgins. This third book in the Sweet Peril series is filled with awesomeness sauce.

5. Also reading FATES:

This is about a 'Fate' that has been banished from her world to ours. She has one final duty in that she needs to kill a human in order to return to her home. Problem is she feels something for this boy and struggles to fulfill her task.

**Big shout out to Edelweiss for approving my ebook galley requests! Another one I got:

**Guilty pleasure:

Hope to pick up some moisturizer that is pretty amazing. They use a computer to decide your true makeup color. Love the concealer and rice powder.


Then later plan to see latest Captain America movie.