December 16th, 2007


Everyone has secrets. Some small, others big. Imagine if you could sell your worse secret and have someone else deal with it. Such is the premise of the book, THE BLACK BOOK OF SECRETS.

Ludlow Fitch barely escapes a terrible fate in the City. Latching onto a carriage he finds himself in a village and a new twist of fate. A mysterious pawnbroker, Joe Zabbidon, offers him employment to write down the villagers deepest, darkest secrets in the Black Book of Secrets.

At first everything seems like a dream come true-Ludlow has a warm bed, employment, and respect. This was something that alluded him as a pickpocket back in the City.

But not all villagers are happy with the pawnbroker. Jeremiah Ratchet owns most of the village. He watches as those who used to be in his debt, no longer fear him.

What secrets are in the book? Jeremiah hatches a plot to gain assess to the book and hopefully get the villagers back into his debt.

All the while Ludlow has his own secret, one that gives him nightmares every night. Though he is thankful to Joe for what he's done, he can't help but wonder about the pawnbroker. Is he the devil like some whisper?

I LOVED this book! From the very first page I was transported to this fantasy world. Who wouldn't want to sell their darkest secrets? This is a fast-paced read that will keep you glued to each villager's secret. Some of the secrets are pretty graphic but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to read more!

The details of the time period were realistic. I admit, I squimmed when I read about Barton Gumbroot's special talent of pulling teeth to sell to the wealthy.

I recommend this book to those who love reading historical fantasies.

THE BLACK BOOK OF SECRETS is a Cybils nominated book.