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THE CHAOS KING by Laura Ruby

Georgie is special. She can disappear at will, has discovered her parents and has become The Richest Girl in the Universe.

If she's so special then why does she feel so unlucky?

Her parents have forbidden her to use her ability, she feels awkward, and The Second Richest Girl in the Universe hates her. And what's with her best friend Bug? He now seems too involved with his celebrity status to have anything to do with her.

But just when she thinks no one notices her, a Punk named Mandelbrot invites her to a party. One she has to attend or else.

Along the way she meets vampires who are more interested in poppyseed bagels than blood, a candy-loving sloth, an old ladies book club that puts new meaning to the phrase words have power, living lions of stone, and a fussy man named Mr. Fuss. Weird things are happening in her city and it's up to both her and Bug to find a special book to help set things right.

This is a fun tale with quirky characters. Most of the characters can fly--well, maybe only bounce, except Bug, who can fly. I related with Georgia's wanting to disappear--but then what teen hasn't felt this way? The vampires in this story are hilarious. Who knew that maybe Sesame Street's Court Drac actually might have been right?

This book is sure to appeal to those who love quirky tales.

THE CHAOS KING is a Cybils nominated book.

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