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Ellin is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the best healer in Southland. Though forbidden, her father is asked to help heal the dying king of Northland. This is the same king who made laws to forbid the use use of "witchcraft." The penalty for doing this is death. After being refused entry to the city, a kind guard lets her stay in a gatehouse, where the youngest king's son finds her. He takes her to his father after she tells him she can help him. Later after she helps save the king's life she finds out she has another gift. A gift her father fears. It's only when they go back to Southland does she find out the reason for her father's fears. Ellin is one of the 'tainted', someone even her own people fear. Now it's up to Ellin to find out more about her gift and what she needs to do in order to not fall into the hands of the Guardians, who want her dead.

This is an engaging tale. I couldn't put it down! I was fascinated in Ellin's ability to heal and also her telepathic ability. Also this story shows how hatred is only ignorance of what is unknown. The author does a great job showing how Ellin feels when she discovers her gift and how it feels to be different and feared by others. I can't wait for the sequel!

NORTHLANDER is a Cybils nominated book.

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