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LITTLE (GRRL) LOST by Charles De Lint

Who hasn't wondered if others live among us? I know when I was a child I fantasized about fairies, elves, and other creatures living close by. Okay, I admit, I always had a very vivid imagination. But what would you do if you actually did see one?

One such girl does in the book LITTLE (GRRL) LOST.

T.J.'s family has to relocate to the suburbs after a recent stock market crash. T.J. hates her new home. She's lonely for her friends and especially her horse Red, who she had to leave behind.

After hearing noises in the wall of her new home, out pops Elizabeth a 'little' who's 6 inches tall. But don't let Elizabeth's size fool you. She's packed with mega 'tude.

Both T.J. and Elizabeth forge a friendship. Everything is okay, in a rocky sort of way. Elizabeth's family has moved on but T.J. finds an author who has written stories about 'littles' that are uncannily real. Both agree to go to a booksigning in order to ask the author if she can help Elizabeth know where her parents have gone. While on the way, T.J. is bullied by a group of boys who steal her backpack, where Elizabeth is hiding.

Elizabeth is not so tough when she finds herself out in the open where things like cats can prove deadly. She runs into a 'Ranger' who shares secrets of her family. Elizabeth goes out searching for the truth.

T.J. in the meantime is sick with worrying about Elizabeth. She ends up looking for the author who has written stories about littles, hoping she might be able to help her find Elizabeth.

Once again Charles De Lint doesn't disappoint. I enjoyed following T.J.'s adventures trying to find Elizabeth. At first T.J. is timid but later she learns to trust her instincts on who to trust and what to do in order to help her 'little' friend. Elizabeth also learns along her own path in our world. This tale has a little bit of something for everyone. The reality of our world seen through the eyes of a 'little' is believable. Also I liked how T.J.'s character grew throughout the story.

LITTLE (GRRL) LOST is a Cybils nominated book.


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