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I remember as a teacher looking for exciting books that would appeal to the reluctant reader. Imagine my excitement when one such book came my way!

Septina Nash is missing her sister Sexta. While looking for her she writes letters, each one more hilarious than the last.

Septina is the seventh child of a seventh child of a seventh child. Her mother tells her the magic of numbers, especially sevens and threes. Also she tells Septina that the truth is about sevens and threes.

While looking for her sister, Septina has many adventures. One of my favorites is the scene where Septina's mom challenges Killer-J for his skateboard. How cool would it be to have a mom who can out skate a champion skateboarder? Another scene has Septina being a chaperone for her math teacher Miss Snoqualmie. Septina introduces her teacher to some 'real' finds like Stan the Rat Man, who knows everything about rats.

All the while Septina keeps searching for Sexta. Will she find her? Will the penguins help on the quest? And is there truth in what her parents say about the seventh child of a seventh child, of a seventh child can do anything? Well, she sure is going to find out!

Original and hilarious, this tale is sure to be a hit with tweens. I couldn't help but chuckle over Septina's persistence of getting out of gym class. I admit, I did something similar in seventh grade but my note wasn't as unique as Septina's. Where was a Septina when I needed her?

The illustrations made me smile. Also my son loved the drawings and wanted me to tell him about Septina.

P.S. Now I'm from a family of seven children too. But I'm the first. So I guess the magic doesn't apply to me. But I guarantee the magic of this book will rub off on readers.

P.S.S Go ahead. Read this fun tale! I highly recommended this book to those looking for an unique story that will make you smile.

PENGUIN OF DOOM is a Cybils nominated book.

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