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Being normal is so last year

I love Scott Westerfeld's books. One of my favorite series is THE UGLIES. His latest book, EXTRAS, continues the futuristic tale.

It's been a few years since Tally Youngblood took down the Pretties regime. Pretties no longer rule the future. Now getting a buzz out is the way to popularity. Think AMERICAN IDOL of the future. Who ever gets the most votes is the most popular. Paris Hilton would love this!

Aya Fuse wants to be popular like her famous brother but her rank of 451,369 is so low-she's a nobody. Then she finds a chance to gain votes by following the Sly girls, a secret clique that pulls crazy tricks, but are secretive.

Aya also runs into Frizz, one famous boy, who takes a liking to her. Aya's feed increases but not the way she wanted. She finds popularity can be a double edge sword. Who wouldn't with paparazzi cams calling her "Slime Queen" and "Little Ugly." Even in the future words can hurt.

Still, she wants to find out more about the Sly Girls. She knows they are hiding something big. And this story might help her gain popularity in a way she might not be prepared for. So she follows her story even if she has to lie to find the truth. Words that will come back to haunt her later on.

Once again Scott Westerfeld creates a futuristic tale that is an action packed ride. I loved his vivid descriptions of a world where everything is game when it comes to becoming popular. One of my favorite characters is Frizz and his whole concept of radical honesty. How would you like to be around someone who is totally honest?

EXTRAS is guaranteed to be a favorite of UGLIES fans. I do have one question. Why hasn't this series been offered film options? This story has it all--action, adventure, and even romance. I'd love to have one of those hoverboards. But I think I'll skip on the radical honesty clique.

EXTRAS is a Cybils nominated book.