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THE SECRET OF GRIM HILL by Linda DeMeulemeester

Are you looking for an urban fantasy for a tween that isn't graphic and still fun? THE SECRET OF GRIM HILL is one such book that is sure to excite tween readers.

Cat Peters hates her new life after her parent's divorce. No one notices her except the principle and teachers who give her detention for silly things like wearing blue jeans.

Then she tries out for a soccer team for a chance at a scholarship to Grimoire, an exclusive school over the hill. Things seem to change for the better. Kids who either ignored or ridiculed her now want to be her friend.

Everything seems to be going great except for her sister Sookie's comments about things being "all wrong." She tells Cat her friend Cindy, a mysterious Goth looking girl, warns her that things aren't what they seem. Jasper, a friend, also warns her.

And once Cat is away from Grim Hill, she also feels something isn't right.

Then terrible things start happening. It's up to Cat and Jasper to find out the truth through Celtic legends in order to find out the truth of Grim Hill before it's too late.

This is a fun, quick read that is sure to appeal to younger readers. Cat's struggle to fit in at a new school after her parent's divorce is believable. Also who can't relate with the pesky younger sister?

Linda DeMeulemeester does a great job introducing some Celtic legends in this story. Plus, I'm sure there's a sequel too.

I recommend this book to tweens who want a good clean urban fantasy.

THE SECRET OF GRIM HILL is a Cybils nominated book.


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