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Cybils fun!

I love being a panelist for the Cybils! I love the books that are coming my way from publishers and authors. I want to thank them. Being a panelist has opened my eyes to books I would have passed up otherwise.

There is one thing I wanted to address before I post more of my reviews. If I don't post reviews of all the books it doesn't mean I didn't like them. That is further than the truth! Let me tell you, these nominated books are really good. But there's 94 books in the category I'm reviewing. I heard there's 124 in YA! So though I'd love to review and post each one, I can't because there's not enough time in the day! Also I need to get my own writing done!

I plan on posting at least three reviews a week. I'm going to try to show a variety of different genre books. On the Cybils site will be posts of reviews too. Check it out!

Now I'm off to read yet another great book! My gosh, I feel like a kid on Christmas Day!!!