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Have you ever heard the cliche that High School can be hell? Well, imagine for a moment that it really is. Not in the figurative sense but literally hell. That's what happens in the book, PROM DATES FROM HELL. Maggie Quinn is on the newspaper staff and is the Yearbook photographer and doesn't want to go to her prom. One day while photographing the Spanish club for the Yearbook, Stanley, the school nerd, asks her out. She's horrified but what happens next is even worse. The resident Jocks and Jennifers come along at that moment and torment Stanley. After Maggie takes a photo and threatens to put it in the newspaper, something happens. Stanley threatens all of them. No one takes him seriously, that is until Maggie starts sensing things and smelling brimstone at the school.

Later things start happening to the in crowd--the same ones who'd tormented Stanley. Now it's up to Maggie to find out what's going on. Putting on her Nancy Drew hat she searches to see what's going on and finds out that the prom is mandatory if she hopes to save the school from demons.

I enjoyed this tale. Think Buffy meets Nancy Drew. The catchy dialog pulled me right into the story. Throw in a cute college student, who happens to be researching paranormal happenings and is in her father's college class, a cute Jock, and a foggy demon, who likes to leave messages on her window. Oh, and also some witchy cheerleaders.

What I really enjoyed about this tale was the interaction of Maggie to her father. So often stories have the parents either obvious to their teen or the bad one. Maggie's father is very supportive of his daughter even when he can't see the demon. And her Debbie Reynolds like Grandmother is a gem.

This is a fun ride that makes you wonder if maybe that smell in high school might be something more sinister!

PROM DATES FROM HELL is a Cybil nominated book.

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