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Fathom Five

Books about changelings are not new. But one book, FATHOM FIVE, shows this premise in a whole different way. Let's just say that after reading this book, I'll think twice about being by the ocean when it's very foggy. You can never tell what you might see.

Peter McAllister has a good life. So what if his best friend, Rosemary, is a girl.

But underneath it all, Peter has a lonely life. His parents are dead and he lives with an absent uncle. Then a mysterious woman named Fiona shows up. She tells Peter he is a changeling-a siren child left to live in the human world-and now it's time for him to return. Rosemary thinks differently. Can Rosemary convince Peter that Fiona is lying? Or is it possible she might be telling the truth?

After a choppy beginning, I was able to really get into this story. Peter longs to have a real family, something Fiona promises. The author does a good job showing the conflict between Peter on whether he should leave Rosemary and his life or follow Fiona. I also like how Rosemary has courage to stand up for what she knows to be true.

This is a fast-paced read that will swept readers away into the mysterious world of sirens.

FATHOM FIVE is a Cybil nominated book.

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