kbaccellia (kbaccellia) wrote,

I want Skulduggery as a friend!

I admit, I would have never read SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT if it hadn't been one of this year's Cybils nominated books. But let me tell you, after I read the first paragraph, I was hooked.

Who is Skulduggery? He's just the coolest detective with a snappy wardrobe and rapier wit. Oh, did I mention he's a skeleton, who happens to throw one mean fire ball?

Stephanie Edgley is a twelve-year-old who just inherited her uncle's house. When she stays there one night, an intruder breaks in looking for something. Something her uncle had hidden. That's when Skulduggery shows up and saves the day. He later becomes Stephanie's ally, protector, and mentor as they both join forces to battle an ancient evil. If they don't stop this evil, the world as they know it will be destroyed. But will Skulduggery allow that? Not over his dead body.

I loved this tale. The original premise was refreshing. I wanted Skulduggery for my own friend? But then who wouldn't? If you or a tween you know is looking for a fast-paced mystery/fantasy that's sprinkled with humor, this is the book.

My own six-year-old LOVED the cover. "Cool mommy!" I have a feeling older kids and well as teens will be saying the same thing about this book.

I can't wait for the sequel.

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