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Friday Five

Friday Five
Sorry, no vlog today as I decided to have a make-up free day!

First good news! My colonoscopy came up clean! This means I don't have to come back for another ten years.


This week has been crazy with family drama on both sides. I was reading the paper today and saw this ad from AARP on a caregiver silently screaming. I realized this is us. If you don't know, my mother-in-law 'decided' to move back to Southern Ca. My 25 year old nephew is living with her and is a real saint. Let's just say this has been a very trying experience.

I was happy to find this: http://www.aarp.org/home-family/caregiving/?cmp=RDRCT-CRGNG_APR12_012

I'm finding out husband and I are a part of a growing trend: caregivers with aging parents. I love this site as it has some links that hopefully will help.

Now to books!

1. Loved, LOVED, this book:


My YABC review:

2. Loved this book too!


My YABC review:

**Can you tell this one is a big hit? Lots of positive reviews for this romance that has a ROSWELL the TV series feel plus a hot guy!

3. Right now reading this:


I met Hachette marketing director at ALA and asked for some James Patterson. So I was really excited to have a package come with this included in it. It's Patterson at his best!

4. Trying to get into this one:

kill order

The beginning is amazing but when it goes back in time? I'm having a hard time staying with it. I loved THE MAZE RUNNER so I'll give this one a chance.

5. Also need I say more about this one?

time travel

Love the covers of these books and the premise is really fun. A teen puts on a dress and goes back in time. This time around she goes back to 1770 in Paris, France.

**Guilty pleasure:

This Friday is our 27th wedding anniversity. Holy cow. Time goes by fast, doesn't it?

Later, hope to go out to a nice restaurant. Plus, maybe go to a fun movie with son: